Crime Prevention Funding Programs

Public Safety is currently preparing to launch the next SIP Call for Applications.  Due to the transition period following the election we are preparing to launch the Call in early 2020.  New information including the exact date of the launch will be posted on our website shortly.

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Public Safety Canada's National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS) provides funding to strategically selected projects that contribute to preventing and reducing crime in Canada and to increasing knowledge about what works in crime prevention. In order to achieve its goals, the NCPS identifies specific priorities for project funding.

Building on past successes and lessons learned, the NCPS aims to deliver concrete results in local communities by funding and evaluating interventions to prevent and reduce offending among those most at-risk, especially:

Within these populations, the NCPS will also target specific priority crime issues such as drug-related crime, youth gangs and gun violence.

Details on the NCPS funding programs are provided in the links below.

Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program

The Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) provides time-limited funding to enhance the security infrastructure of communities targeted by hate-motivated crime.

Crime Prevention Action Fund

The Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF) provides time-limited grant and contribution funding that supports evidence-based crime prevention initiatives in communities that address known risk and protective factors associated with crime among vulnerable groups of the population, especially children and youth from 6-24 years, and chronic offenders.

Northern and Aboriginal Crime Prevention Fund

The Northern and Aboriginal Crime Prevention Fund (NACPF) supports the adaptation, development and implementation of innovative and promising culturally sensitive crime prevention practices which address known risk and protective factors to reduce offending among at-risk children and youth, and high risk offenders in communities; the dissemination of knowledge and the development of tools and resources for Aboriginal and northern populations; capacity building as a means to explore ways to develop or implement culturally sensitive crime prevention practices among Aboriginal and northern populations.

Youth Gang Prevention Fund

The Youth Gang Prevention Fund (YGPF) provides time-limited funding for initiatives in communities that prevent at-risk youth from joining gangs, provides exit strategies for youth who belong to gangs, and offers support to youth so they do not re-join gangs, in communities where youth gangs are an existing or emerging threat.

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