Youth Gang Prevention Fund (YGPF)

The Youth Gang Prevention Fund (YGPF) specifically helps  youth with a demonstrated history of serious violence and/or who are clearly at risk of joining gangs and/or are already in gangs.

A call for proposals is expected in Spring 2018. All information pertaining to the call will be provided on our website.

Interested applicants are invited to sign up for the National Crime Prevention Strategy mailing list to also receive information about upcoming calls for proposals for all Crime Prevention programs.

Main Objectives:

The objectives of the YGPF are to reduce serious youth violence and youth gang threats in communities by:

Eligibility criteria

Activities eligible for support must be aligned with the project goals and objectives and include the following:

The NCPC will not provide funding for core or ongoing operational expenses of programs, services and/or interventions being funded by other levels of government or the replication of a program, service or intervention that has been previously supported by the NCPC in the same community and/or reaching the same target population using the same intervention model.

Funding criteria

Financial assistance will be provided to eligible applicants in the form of contribution funding.

The maximum financial support a recipient can receive per fiscal year is $1,500,000 and cannot exceed a maximum amount of $7,500,000 over a period of five years.

The NCPC will not be the sole funder for any specific project under the YGPF. The maximum NCPC contribution to the total costs of the project cannot exceed 85%. Therefore, it is expected that organizations and community partners will contribute to the cost of the project, financially or in- kind through donations of materials, supplies or services. In addition, total government contributions to the project from all sources (federal, provincial and territorial) cannot exceed 95% of total costs of the project.

Eligible costs

Only expenses directly related to approved project activities are eligible, and can include:

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