Acts and Regulations

The Minister of Public Safety has a wide range of responsibilities under many different statutes. Some are administered by Public Safety Canada (PS), while others are administered by agencies within the Public Safety Portfolio.

Canadian Disaster Database

The Canadian Disaster Database (CDD) contains detailed disaster information on more than 1000 natural, technological and conflict events (excluding war) that have happened since 1900 at home or abroad and that have directly affected Canadians.

Cyber Security Bulletins

The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) operates within Public Safety Canada, and works with partners inside and outside Canada to mitigate cyber threats to vital networks outside the federal government. These include systems that keep Canada's critical infrastructure functioning properly, such as the electrical grid and financial networks, or contain valuable commercial information that underpins our economic prosperity. CCIRC supports the owners and operators of systems of national importance, including critical infrastructure, and is responsible for coordinating the national response to any serious cyber security incident.

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Library and Information Centre

The Public Safety Canada Library and Information Centre (PS Library) is a shared resource for the employees of the following Public Safety Portfolio organizations:

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