Cyber Security

The National Cyber Security Strategy puts into place a framework to guide the Government of Canada in helping to protect citizens and businesses from cyber threats and take advantage of the economic opportunities afforded by digital technology.

The Strategy was informed by the results of the 2016-18 Cyber Review, and was designed to adapt to meet the goals of the Government of Canada, even as technologies and cyber threats continue to evolve.

The Strategy identifies the leadership role of the Government of Canada and conveys the importance of strengthening collaboration with our stakeholders and partners. It also supports secure and resilient Canadian cyber systems through investments in an innovative and adaptive cyber ecosystem. The Government and its partners will look to the Strategy for direction in the decision-making challenges of the future.

The National Cyber Security Action Plan for Canada’s new Cyber Security Strategy, is a blueprint for the implementation of the Strategy. It sets out the initiatives and milestones supporting each of our three goals, and presents a roadmap of how we will achieve and maintain our vision of security and prosperity in the digital age.

The Cyber Security Cooperation Program supports projects through grants and contributions to improve the security of Canada's vital cyber systems. Find out if you qualify and how to apply.

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