Public Safety Canada coordinates leadership and funding to help address the ongoing challenges of police services within Canada and around the world.

Public Safety Canada works with national and international partners in the development of policy, legislation, national and multinational strategies and planning and research. Through these partnerships, Public Safety Canada leads efforts to counter crime by developing and piloting innovative law enforcement models.

In addition, Public Safety Canada provides strategic and independent law enforcement and policing advice to the RCMP and CBSA.

Joint Public Inquiry into the Nova Scotia April 2020 Tragedy

The Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia announced their intent to establish a comprehensive joint public inquiry in July 2020. The inquiry will help determine what happened and will make recommendations to help prevent similar tragic events in the future.

Indigenous Policing

First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities, like all communities in Canada, should be places where people and families feel, and are, safe and secure. Well-funded, culturally responsive, and respectful police services are essential for community safety and well-being. As the Government of Canada works in partnership with provinces and territories to support real, substantive changes to improve Indigenous policing, we want to hear from you so that reforms meet the needs and priorities of communities.

Economics of Policing and Community Safety

The fiscal challenges facing policing are growing and there is a need to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and to develop new models for policing. Public Safety Canada is committed to working with provincial and territorial governments, police services and other stakeholders to help address these challenges. Public Safety Canada is working to raise awareness, maintain the momentum of engagement, as well as facilitate ongoing and new initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of policing in Canada.

Originally branded the "Economics of Policing," the initiative was renamed in 2014 to include the notion of "Community Safety" to ensure that non-police sector partners (e.g., health and community-based organizations) are included in the ongoing dialogue.

Terms and Conditions of the Major International Event Security Cost Framework

Public Safety Canada supports the Government's vision of ensuring global confidence in Canada's ability to host safe and secure Prime Minister or Minister-led major international events. The RCMP has the primary responsibility to ensure the security of these events. However, the support of provincial, territorial and municipal police services and security agencies is also required, based on jurisdictional responsibilities. The Terms and Conditions of the Major International Event Security Cost Framework enable partner jurisdictions hosting such events to seek financial assistance from the Government of Canada for the incremental policing and security-related costs incurred in direct support of the RCMP-led security operations of a major international event held in Canada.

International Police Peacekeeping and Peace Operations

Public Safety Canada is committed to global peace and security. Cooperation with international partners helps create a safer and more stable global environment while Canadian police officers gain valuable experience and greater cultural awareness. Through its policies and programs Public Safety Canada helps build the capacity of foreign police, paving the way for long-term development and can prevent illicit activities from spilling across borders into other countries.

Policing and Community Safety Research

The Policing and Community Safety Research webpage features the Canadian Policing Research Catalogue, the first central repository to access policing research in Canada. The Catalogue was established in March 2015 by Public Safety Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Research Foundation, the Canadian Police Association, the Canadian Association of Police Governance and provincial and territorial government partners.

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