Major International Event Security Cost Framework

Canada periodically hosts Prime Minister or Minister-led major international events in Canada. Due to the presence of heads of state from other countries and the significant security requirements involved, the RCMP has the primary responsibility to ensure the security for the proper functioning of the event including safeguarding of international VIPs, citizens and Canadian communities where the events are hosted. To this end, the RCMP usually requires the participation of the provincial, territorial and/or municipal police services and security agencies (for example, paramedics, fire services and public works) as these partner jurisdictions are responsible for the administration of justice, including policing, within their jurisdictions.

The Major International Event Security Cost Framework is a contribution program and the Terms and Conditions define its requirements and reimbursement process. The purpose of the Framework is to facilitate cooperation with partner jurisdictions by reimbursing, through contribution agreements, the incremental, extraordinary, justifiable and reasonable policing and security-related costs incurred in support of the RCMP-led security operations of the event.

Major international events hosted by Canada include the G8 and G20 Summits in 2010.

Terms and Conditions

Public Safety Canada is responsible for the management and application of the Terms and Conditions.

Program Performance and Evaluation

Major International Events’ News Releases

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