Funding programs to combat Human Trafficking

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Public Safety Canada funding program

The Contribution Program to Combat Serious and Organized Crime (CPCSOC)

Public Safety’s Contribution Program to Combat Serious and Organized Crime (CPCSOC) supports initiatives, research, partnership building, specialized police services, projects and programs to increase knowledge, raise awareness and/or help advance efforts to combat serious and organized crime, including human trafficking.

Other Government of Canada funding programs

Victims Fund

The Department of Justice administers the Victims Fund, which allows provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations to request funding to enhance services for Canadian and foreign national victims. The Victims Fund supports projects undertaken by community organizations, law enforcement agencies, and provincial and territorial governments that focus on supporting victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. These projects aim to provide improved services for victims of human trafficking; training for law enforcement officers and frontline victim services workers; support for labour-trafficked individuals through intensive case management, direct services, education and community capacity building; and agency collaboration.

There is $1 million available annually through the Victims Fund to support anti-human trafficking related projects.

Women's Program

The Department for Women and Gender Equality administers the Women's Program with an aim to achieve the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada. Funding is provided to eligible organizations in support of projects at the local, regional and national levels that address one of three priority areas, which includes “ending violence against women and girls”. Funding is available for up to 36 months for projects that address barriers faced by women, including women and girls who are survivors of human trafficking. These funding opportunities can be found at the Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Centre.

Gender-Based Violence Program

The Department for Women and Gender Equality administers the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Program as part of It’s Time: Canada’s Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence. The Program supports organizations working in the GBV sector to develop and implement promising practices to address gaps in supports for Indigenous and underserved groups of victims and survivors in Canada, including women and girls, children and youth, seniors, LGBTQ2 and gender non-binary individuals, immigrants and refugees, women living with disabilities, and women living in rural and remote communities. Human trafficking-related funding opportunities can be found at the Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Centre.

Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP)

The Government of Canada's Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP), administered by Global Affairs Canada, works to enhance the capacity of beneficiary states to prevent and respond to threats posed by transnational criminal activity throughout the Americas using a variety of bilateral and multilateral project delivery mechanisms. The ACCBP supports projects that aim to build capacity in key source and transit countries to combat human trafficking.

Feminist International Assistance Policy

Canada’s Feminist International Assistance policy supports efforts to prevent and address the high rates of gender- and sexual-based violence and harmful practices experienced by women and girls. Canada supports developing countries in their efforts to reduce vulnerabilities, such as poverty, inequality, violence and conflict, especially for women, children, adolescents and young adults at risk of being trafficked. Investment in international assistance can help strengthen labour laws, public health, education and child protection systems, as well as build the capacity of law enforcement and justice systems to address all forms of sexual- and gender-based violence.

Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives

Global Affairs Canada supports the efforts of local non-governmental organizations, as well as international organizations and foreign governments, to address trafficking in persons through small-scale projects that address local needs.

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