Anti-money laundering

Money laundering is a serious crime that affects Canadians' safety, security and quality of life. It is a process used to disguise the source of money or assets that come from illegal means. Criminal organizations rely on laundered funds to feed other activities like corruption, fraud, human trafficking, and trade in drugs and firearms. It also poses a threat to the integrity and stability of the global financial system and the broader economy.

This is a complex and rapidly evolving problem, which the Government of Canada takes very seriously. In Budget 2019, the Government provided over $220 million to combat money laundering. Budget 2021 further bolstered these investments. Key investment areas include:

The Financial Crime Coordination Centre (FC3)

The Financial Crime Coordination Centre (FC3) is a five-year pilot initiative led by Public Safety Canada. It is an important part of the Government's efforts to strengthen inter-agency collaboration and capacity-building. The Centre brings together anti-money laundering professionals from across jurisdictions and coordinates support through:

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If you are a member of the anti-money laundering community in Canada and would like to connect with the FC3 on their ongoing initiatives, please complete the general inquiries form.

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Members of the media can contact Public Safety Canada at For all other enquiries, please visit the Contact Us page.

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