Child Sexual Exploitation on the Internet

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Online child sexual exploitation is one of the most disturbing public safety issues facing society today. It continues to harm past and present generations of children in Canada and abroad.

About Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Overview, key statistics, laws.

Actions to Combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation

National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet, partners and federal investments.

International Efforts

International partnerships and initiatives to combat online child sexual exploitation.

Support for Victims and Survivors

Resources and services for victims and survivors of online child sexual exploitation.

Funding Programs

Initiatives, research and programs to increase knowledge, raise awareness and help advance efforts to combat online child sexual exploitation.

Awareness Resources

Educational materials, publications, reports and webinar summaries.


Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Online predators use kid-friendly apps to meet and exploit children. And it happens in Canada more than you think. Learn how to protect your kids.


Law enforcement agencies across Canada are seeing an exponential increase in cases of online sexual extortion (or “sextortion”) of minors. Learn more about this critical issue and how to report suspected incidents.

Digital Industry

The digital industry is instrumental in preventing online services and platforms from being used to facilitate online child sexual exploitation and abuse. Learn more about the Voluntary Principles, which are part of wider efforts to protect children, both on and offline.

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