Integrated Market Enforcement Teams

The Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMETs) are special RCMP-led units that detect, investigate and deter capital markets fraud. They promote compliance with the law in the corporate community and assure investors that Canada's markets are safe and secure. The IMET Initiative is a partnership with Justice Canada's Federal Prosecution Service, provincial and municipal forces and securities commissions and market regulators.

IMETs are composed of police officers, lawyers and other investigative experts. They are deployed in the major markets of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary and are equipped to respond swiftly to major capital markets fraud anywhere in Canada. The teams are jointly managed by the RCMP, Justice Canada and partner departments and agencies. They work closely with securities regulators and other federal and provincial authorities – building on the RCMP's existing partnerships with these organizations.

Police officers chosen for IMET deployment are highly qualified financial investigators. They receive additional markets-related training, are kept abreast of the latest techniques and legal developments in their field and are dedicated to the teams for specified periods of time. Investigators receive ongoing legal advice from federal prosecution service advisors. Effective management and accountability mechanisms are a key feature of the initiative.

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