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Industrial Control Systems Security

Please note that the Symposium and Technical Workshops will be postponed to a later date.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the automated systems used to deliver essential services to Canadians. ICS are responsible for everything from the electrical current that powers our computers, to the water that flows through our buildings, to the traffic lights that manage our daily commute. Public Safety Canada delivers ICS Security events aimed at strengthening the resilience of these critical systems.

Symposium and Technical Workshops

Public Safety Canada's ICS Security Symposium is an annual event aimed at assisting Canada's critical infrastructure owners and operators to better secure their most critical industrial control systems and information technology assets. The Symposium includes an ICS Forum for Management, a two-day conference, and the Technical Workshop.

Technical Workshops

Public Safety Canada's ICS Security technical workshops are focused on the development of basic incident handler skills for the ICS environment. The objective of this training is to raise awareness by giving a hands-on experience using real tools and targets. Participants will be expected to have a basic to moderate level of computer operating system and security proficiency within a networked environment.

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