Crime Prevention Action Fund: Measures to Support Exiting Prostitution

The submission period for the Crime Prevention Action Fund: Measures to Support Exiting Prostitution Call for Letters of Intent (LOI) is now closed. We thank all applicants who submitted an LOI. Applications postmarked or received on or prior to the January 30, 2015 deadline are currently being reviewed. All applicants who met the deadline will receive a confirmation that their submission was received and will be notified of the status of their respective applications.

The Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF) provides time-limited funding to communities and organizations to develop and implement crime prevention initiatives. The 2012 CPAF funding call supported the development and implementation of evidence-based interventions across the country designed to prevent offending among at-risk groups. The focus of the Call was on the priority issues of violence among youth aged 12 – 17, Aboriginal youth delinquency in urban centres, and school-based bullying. 

For this current Measures to Support Exiting Prostitution solicitation, Public Safety Canada (PS) will support a range of tailored and comprehensive approaches to assist individuals who want to exit prostitution. A number of funded projects will also undergo a rigorous evaluation, the results of which will contribute to the Canadian knowledge-base of what is effective in facilitating an exit from prostitution.

Main Objectives

Eligible Organizations

Funding recipients will include organizations that have strong partnerships and networks within their communities, have experience working with persons involved in prostitution, including conducting outreach activities, and have experience supporting and managing complex program implementation and evaluation. Eligible organizations include: not-for-profit community or professional organizations; provincial, territorial, regional, municipal and local governments/agencies; Aboriginal governments; and police services, universities and educational institutions/boards of education.

Eligible Activities

Research has demonstrated that a comprehensive approach offering a continuum of service delivery and tailored interventions/activities represents a best practice in the development and implementation of an exit strategy. Public Safety Canada will provide funding for eligible activities and expenses that include the following elements:

Project Evaluation

Evaluation is a key activity in the implementation of the National Crime Prevention Strategy. In addition to the regular monitoring and reporting required for all funded projects, Public Safety Canada supports robust and rigorous evaluation of selected projects and provides assistance to develop and implement evaluation plans that are appropriate to the type of project being undertaken.

Project evaluation results contribute to building the evidence and knowledge about effective crime prevention practices. The dissemination of knowledge obtained from evaluations enables people in communities, policy-makers, and program designers to develop more effective crime prevention and exiting prostitution initiatives, locally and nationally. For more information on project evaluation, please see Evaluation and Measuring Performance.

How to Apply

To request an application form and funding guide, or for additional information, please contact Public Safety Canada at or at 1-800-830-3118.


Completed applications must be submitted electronically to Public Safety Canada at Letters of Intent and application forms must be received on or before January 30, 2015.

All applicants will receive confirmation that their submission was received and will be notified of the status of their respective applications in due course.


Please direct requests for assistance to Program Officers are available to provide advice on the eligibility of applicants, activities and costs and to answer general questions. Please note that completed applications will not be reviewed prior to submission.

Other Funding Sources

Funding is also available through the Department of Justice Canada. The Department of Justice Canada Victims Fund provides grants and contributions to support projects and activities that encourage the development of new approaches, promote access to justice, improve the capacity of service providers, foster the establishment of referral networks, and/or increase awareness of services available to victims of crime and their families. Funding is available for eligible organizations to provide or enhance services to support exit strategies for those involved in prostitution. Funding will be available through two streams: Social Programming Funding for Non-Governmental and Governmental Organizations; and, Social Programming Funding for Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies.

Information on how to apply for funding can be found on the Department of Justice Canada website.

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