2015 Summit on the Economics of Policing and Community Safety
Innovation and Partnerships

Public Safety Canada, in partnership with all federal, provincial and territorial governments, hosted the 2015 Summit on the Economics of Policing and Community Safety: Innovation and Partnerships on March 2-4, 2015, in Ottawa, Canada. The 2015 Summit built on the work that began with the first Summit on the Economics of Policing: Strengthening Canada's Policing Advantage, held in January 2013.

The second Summit maintained the ongoing momentum and dialogue regarding the future of policing in Canada, while continuing to advance the Shared Forward Agenda. The Summit also provided helpful and practical information to the policing community on innovation and partnerships so that we can learn from one another and continue to strengthen policing.

As communities continue to change, policing must adapt and evolve, and new approaches must be found to meet the safety and security needs of Canadians. The theme of the 2015 Summit was “Innovation and Partnerships,” reflecting the innovative and collaborative nature of the presentations, approaches and ideas discussed during the Summit.

The overarching goals of the 2015 Summit were to:

The Summit was attended by approximately 300 individuals from across Canada and abroad, including federal, provincial and territorial Ministers, mayors and other senior officials from all levels of government, police chiefs, frontline officers, members of the national policing associations, academics, and other stakeholders in the policing community.

The Summit included panel speakers from across Canada and abroad who spoke to key policing issues and the many innovations and partnerships underway. Presentations at the Summit covered various topics, including progressive approaches to the police-justice interface, proactive activities in Aboriginal communities, as well as academic and police partnerships. Speakers informed the audience of how they are engaging members of their communities in policing and community safety, ensuring that officers are well-trained, and promoting innovation in remote, northern and Aboriginal policing. The presentations from the 2015 Summit can be found on the Canadian Policing Research Catalogue.

At the Summit, the Policing and Community Safety Research webpage featuring the Canadian Policing Research Catalogue – a central, online library of Canadian policing research – was launched. The Catalogue addresses a major gap in policing research in Canada and is a key deliverable under the Shared Forward Agenda.

The Summit concluded with a town hall discussion on the future of policing in Canada, and resulted in the development of elements of a shared vision for Canadian policing and community safety.

Background Information on the Economics of Policing

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