Automated Response System and Electronic Ticketing (Synopsis)

Roussillon Inter-municipal Police Service

Description: In January 2012, to improve the triage of its service calls, the Roussillon Inter-municipal Police Service implemented a system whereby service calls are directly routed from callers to police patrol cars through various menu options.

The police service has also put in place an electronic ticketing system for road and traffic infractions. Tickets are issued electronically and information from the Quebec police information database (Centre de renseignement policier du Québec) is directly accessible to officers in patrol cars. This initiative was fully implemented in late 2012.
Objective: This two-part initiative has several objectives:
  • improve the management of 911 calls;
  • free up personnel responding to service calls and forwarding them, so that they can now process data and enter it in police information systems; and
  • free up administrative personnel assigned to the manual processing of tickets so that they can take on other administrative duties.
Outcomes: Preliminary evaluation results have shown significant outcomes. The automated response system for service calls has had the following benefits:
  • two temporary 911 dispatch positions were eliminated, resulting in a savings of $87,000; and
  • the money was re-invested in a new managerial position for 911 calls and information management.

The electronic ticketing system had the following benefits:
  • revenue grew by $100,000 through an increase in the number and quality of tickets issued and processed; and
  • two full-time police officers were reassigned from data input and municipal court liaison to other core policing duties.
Resources: The total cost of implementation was approximately $202,000, of which $121,600 went towards equipment, $62,200 towards software acquisition and activation and $18,000 towards implementation and training (recurring costs). There is also a recurring cost of $26,000 to maintain the network.
Province: Quebec
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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