Online (Internet) Reporting (Synopsis)

York Regional Police

Description: To address concerns regarding the efficient use of police services and the timeliness and convenience of client service, York Regional Police established a tool for online (Internet) reporting in June 2008. With the new system, York citizens can make online reports from home for certain minor, non-emergency offences or for offences where there are no known suspects. Incidents that can be reported online include damage to vehicles, identity theft, lost property, theft under $10,000, theft from vehicles, mischief/damage to property, gas theft and loitering. Additional features include road watch complaints, bike registration, the Safe and Secure Gun Program, and an option for customers to request and pay for clearance letters online. The online reporting tool is a service enhancement for citizens. It has multiple language capabilities, is easy to use and does not involve wait times.
Objective: The online reporting tool has many objectives, including more efficient use of police resources; enhanced accessibility and convenience; enhanced and timely client service (the ability to submit a police report immediately); and the ability to operate in five different languages without the need for an interpreter.
Outcomes: An internal, informal review has found this tool successful in making more efficient use of police resources. Allowing reports on minor offences to be filed without having an officer attend the scene has resulted in significant savings in labour costs and has made more officers available for frontline duties. York Regional Police estimates that online (Internet) reporting saved the police service over $2.1 million between June 2008 and November 2013—with over 39,000 reports filed online. Police services using this tool are receiving more than 25% of all their reports online without having to dispatch an officer, while still collecting all the information normally gathered by a patrol unit. This tool is also enhancing client service. Online feedback from the public has been positive.
Resources: The resources required for online (Internet) reporting include the CopLogic software purchased in 2007 (US$40,400 before taxes), IT staff and equipment for the intake unit, yearly software maintenance fees and the potential cost of training new staff.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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