Service Initiative: Value and Innovation (Synopsis)

Ottawa Police Service

Description: In 2011, the Ottawa Police Service initiated its Service Initiative, an organization-wide review of how policing services are delivered to the community. The catalyst for this initiative was the September 2011 mid-term Strategic Priorities Review with the Ottawa Police Services Board, which identified the need to examine the Ottawa Police Service’s current policing model. The Service Initiative aims to address the challenges and pressures related to changing demographics, budgets and growth. The Service Initiative will review all components of the police services being offered by the Ottawa Police.

The Service Initiative Project Team will apply a number of key goals or filters to each initiative, process or recommendation. Each project, initiative or recommendation must meet three key requirements: carry out or support the key policing responsibilities of the Ottawa Police Service; provide enhanced service to the citizens of Ottawa and Ottawa Police Service members; and fit within the framework of a sustainable policing model.

The Service Initiative is internally driven. The Ottawa Police Service will collaborate with the City of Ottawa, consult with the community and hire professionals to assist with the review. The police service is currently developing and refining the project plan for the Service Initiative. An initial strategy map contains over 20 initiatives or identified opportunities, over 250 issues or ideas identified by senior officers, and suggestions from over 200 members. The Service Initiative will likely be a two-year project involving the implementation of immediate, medium-term and long-term initiatives. It is expected to result in new efficiencies, new revenues, reinvestment and improved service for the Ottawa Police Service.
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Province: Ontario
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