Law Enforcement Framework (Synopsis)

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

Description: To modernize policing in Alberta, the provincial government developed the Law Enforcement Framework (LEF) in 2010. LEF lays the foundation for the vision for policing in Alberta. It outlines principles and strategic directions to improve law enforcement in the province. LEF has three main components: improved law enforcement delivery; accountability to Albertans; and equitable distribution of policing costs. The Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General has developed an Action Plan to implement the strategic directions over a three-year period.

The following nine points form the strategic directions of LEF:
  • Capable, flexible and responsive operational policing will be the foundation of modern law enforcement in Alberta.
  • The full continuum of law enforcement delivery will be used to provide flexibility in policing approaches throughout the province.
  • Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) will be the mechanism to coordinate and enhance the delivery of integrated, specialized policing services on a province-wide basis.
  • Law enforcement in Alberta will be intelligence-led.
  • Law enforcement in Alberta will be guided and assessed using clear, strong standards and performance indicators.
  • Alberta communities will be safer through a balance between traditional enforcement activities and community-led prevention initiatives aimed at reducing crime over the long term.
  • All Alberta municipalities will have adequate, transparent and meaningful community input into local policing needs and priorities.
  • The police public complaint process will be responsive and timely, thereby enhancing oversight of Alberta police officers and police services.
  • A model will be developed to distribute the costs of local policing in an equitable, transparent and sustainable manner.
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