Funding for First Nation and Inuit Policing Facilities

In November 2018, the Government of Canada created a new program, Funding for First Nation and Inuit Policing Facilities, to provide better policing infrastructure for the people who live and work in Indigenous communities.

Through the program, the Government of Canada is investing $88.6 million over seven years, starting in 2019, to improve policing facilities in First Nation and Inuit communities. These investments will support First Nation and Inuit communities to ensure their policing infrastructure meets building, policing facility, and health and safety standards. 

The program is cost-shared 52%-48% with the provinces and territories and will provide funding to repair, renovate, or replace policing facilities owned by First Nation and Inuit communities.


The program will be implemented in two phases:

A request for Proposals (RFP) will be launched winter 2020 to identify a contractor(s) to conduct an independent, professional assessment of First Nation and Inuit police facilities.

Safe policing facilities will result in the delivery of better quality policing services and contribute to safer First Nation and Inuit communities. 

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