Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference


To advise the Minister of Public Safety on pragmatic measures to reform Canada’s firearms policies, laws and regulations to ensure a modernized firearms regime that will keep Canadians safe and safeguard their rights and freedoms in an open and democratic society.  


The Committee will consist of up to 15 members. It will include individuals who are civilian firearms users, knowledgeable law enforcement officers, public health advocates, representatives from women’s groups, and members of the legal community.

Members are expected to personally attend all meetings of this committee. Consequently, substitutes will not be accepted.

Public Safety Canada may invite observers from appropriate government departments and agencies as well as subject matter experts to support a specific agenda item under discussion. Public Safety Canada will serve as the Secretariat for the Committee.

A representative of the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program will sit on the Committee as an ex-officio member.   

The Minister will appoint members to serve as both Chair and Vice-Chair(s), respectively, of the Committee. The Chair will serve as the Committee’s spokesperson. The Minister may appoint up to two Vice-Chairs, who may serve in the capacity of Chair, if the Chair is unable to carry out his/her functions. 

Conflict of interest

Any member participating in this committee in his or her own personal capacity or as an authorized representative of a specific organization or corporation agrees for the duration of his or her term as a member of this committee not to:

Terms of appointment

Under the authority provided for in section 6 of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act, the Minister is empowered to establish advisory and other committees and provide for their membership, duties, functions, and operation. The committees serve at the Minister’s pleasure, and the Minister may at any time:

Each of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee members will be appointed by the Minister and will serve on the Committee during pleasure for such a term not exceeding two years. Violation of these terms and conditions will be grounds for immediate removal from the Committee.

Members may also be removed from the Committee at any time at the Minister’s sole discretion. Members whose tenure has expired may be eligible for re-appointment.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of their work, all members will undergo the background checks required to receive a security clearance of Enhanced Reliability as per the Government Security Policy.

Location and frequency of meetings

Meetings will be held in Ottawa or as decided by the Minister. The frequency of meetings will be determined by the Minister. It is anticipated that there will be at least one in-person meeting per year. 

Subcommittees or working groups may be formed as necessary. The input of Committee members may be sought by the Minister’s Office or other Government officials as required.

Members have access to teleconference services provided by Public Safety Canada to facilitate their planning and to hold subcommittee or working group meetings. 

Agendas and materials

The agenda will be determined by the Minister, while including the opportunity for members to identify emerging issues in the firearms regime. The agenda, and any required documentation, will be distributed to Members one week prior to the meeting.

All documentation prepared by Public Safety Canada will be available in both official languages and all members are invited to express themselves in the official language of their choice. The Committee will be responsible for preparing a record of discussion after each meeting. 


In order to allow for frank and open discussion of important issues, there will be no public communication regarding deliberations of the Committee. No member, other than the Chair or Vice-Chairs when acting in the Chair’s capacity, may speak to the media on behalf of the Committee. Members who choose to speak to the media as part of a bona fide occupational requirement must make clear that they are speaking for themselves or their employer, and not on behalf of the Committee.


Committee members are entitled to reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses in accordance with Treasury Board policy. Expenses will be listed in the Letter of Agreement sent to members prior to each meeting.

Members are not remunerated for services rendered.

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