Crime Reduction Enforcement Support Team (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'D' Division—Manitoba North District

Description: To respond to the growing crime rate in northern Manitoba, RCMP ‘D’ Division, Manitoba North District, established the Crime Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST) in 2011. CREST is made up of one sergeant, four constables and one public servant. CREST has three priority mandates:
  • coordinate, mentor, develop and initiate crime reduction initiatives, including source development, strategic partnerships and highway interdiction;
  • assist detachments by providing investigative support and short-term relief; and
  • provide training and deliver courses to RCMP members in Manitoba North District.

CREST makes crime reduction an operational priority. The team travels throughout Manitoba North District to conduct "blitz" enforcement actions such as prolific offender compliance checks and "warrant for arrest" round-ups. Partnerships with other RCMP units, public prosecutions, probation services and parole services ensure that prolific offenders are classified as such and monitored when appropriate.
Objective: CREST creates and supports the northern Crime Reduction Strategy and a strategy for the management of prolific offenders. A key objective is to provide enforcement support to northern detachments. The team gathers intelligence and shares information, promotes the cultivation of human sources, does warrant apprehension and conducts highway interdiction of illegal drugs and alcohol.
Outcomes: CREST is achieving its objectives and has been very well received by both RCMP members in the
northern detachments and elected officials. Feedback shows an interest in expanding CREST to provide more regular enforcement to the 23 detachments it supports. A substantial increase has been observed in the number of prolific offenders being monitored—from 59 in 2010 to 150 in 2012. This ensures that those who are re-offending are more likely to be caught. The RCMP has observed an increase in drug seizures and drug charges in Thompson and the smaller communities, as well as an aggressive reduction in the number of outstanding warrants for arrest.

Statistics are being tracked and an annual report will be launched in 2013 to showcase the crime reduction programs and enforcement support projects.
Resources: CREST is comprised of one sergeant, four constables and one public servant. CREST’s annual operating budget is estimated at $200,000 annually.
Province: Manitoba
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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