Major Case Management: Integrating Practice & Technology Software: X-FIRE—Agnovi Corporation (Synopsis)

Winnipeg Police Service

Description: Core policing duties, such as the investigation of both small- and large-scale crime, consume significant resources. To improve efficiency and keep pace with current standards for case management, the Winnipeg Police Service initiated a pilot project in May 2012 to apply Major Case Management principles to all investigative areas across the service. The pilot uses the X-FIRE software application from Agnovi Corporation to assist in the management, collection, analysis and disclosure of investigation events. The pilot has been extended until September 2013 so that personnel can gain more comfort with the product, hone business rules, further identify interface options and consider next steps.
Objective: This initiative has several objectives:
  • identify and test technology platforms;
  • introduce training concepts to all investigative sections;
  • streamline tasking, resource management and information flow for investigations; and
  • achieve financial savings.
Outcomes: An evaluation conducted after the initial phase of the pilot found that the application of Major Case Management principles is making it easier for middle managers to assess resources, time and case load. Case disclosure is much faster and requires fewer resources. In a survey conducted two months into the pilot program, over 70% of respondents indicated that the X-FIRE software application met or surpassed their investigative needs and was user-friendly, while 83% indicated that court case preparation was eased as a result of the application. Over 66% of respondents indicated that the concepts and tools introduced helped them to be more systematic in collecting evidence, while 87% reported that they felt more accountable using the new system.
Resources: The Winnipeg Police Service used internal IT resources to implement this initiative, and a part-time staff of approximately 15 personnel that were reassigned from within the police service. There was also a budget of under $150,000 for software, software licences and support for three years. The Winnipeg Police Service has project capital funding to expand this initiative in 2014 and 2015.
Province: Manitoba
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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