Stratified Model for Accountability, Response and Targeting, Tactical Action Group (Synopsis)

Port Moody Police Department

Description: In an effort to provide smarter and more efficient policing, the Port Moody Police Department began an internal information-sharing initiative in September 2012. The initiative uses police statistics to support problem solving and communication within the police service. At weekly Tactical Action Group (TAG) meetings, a crime analyst extrapolates crime statistics for police officers in a user-friendly format. The group analyzes the information, classifies the issues based on timelines (short-term, long-term, etc.) and develops problem-solving strategies as a team. The key objective is to maintain a coordinated approach with clear communication that is measurable by statistics.
Objective: The key to this approach is to develop comprehensive strategies to deal with crime trends, use the different resources within the department effectively and ensure clear communication internally.
Outcomes: Once a month, Stratified Model for Accountability, Response and Targeting (SMART) meetings provide an opportunity for TAG members to review the outcomes of TAG-related efforts, including changes in statistics over the month. These meetings also provide an opportunity to assess whether to continue with specific efforts, modify them or change course.
Resources: Resources required for this initiative include computer software ($15,000) and additional time on the part of records staff to help the crime analyst extrapolate statistics.
Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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