Barcode Scanning (Synopsis)

Winnipeg Police Service

Description: The Winnipeg Police Service introduced the barcode scanning initiative in the winter of 2012 to better track equipment when it is loaned out. Barcode scanning increases the accountability of police service personnel who use rotational equipment like radios, cell phones, Tasers and speed timing devices. Each piece of equipment is now assigned a barcode. Once the barcodes are scanned, the equipment can be tracked. The use of barcode technology simplifies the process of finding missing equipment and ensures that less time is spent tracking it down. The technology ultimately results in greater accountability for expensive equipment.

Barcode scanning is currently being tested in Winnipeg Police Service—East District. Once East District reports on the technology, the police service will determine the feasibility of applying barcode scanning service-wide.
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Province: Manitoba
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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