Direct Entry Report Making Process (Synopsis)

Halton Regional Police Service

Description: To streamline the process of generating reports, the Halton Regional Police Service is using a voice dictation system for the preparation of police reports to be submitted to the police service Records Bureau. The voice dictation system has been in place since 2010. Under this system, officers dictate their reports (typically from their notes) either into a recording system or to a live person. Staff from the Records Bureau then manually enter the recorded reports into the records management system. These electronic reports are made available to a range of parties, including supervisors.
Objective: The objective of the direct entry report making process is to streamline the creation of police reports by harnessing available technology and reducing the reliance on inefficient paper-based methods.
Outcomes: As a result of this new system, officers can now submit their reports directly from their patrol vehicles without returning to the stations. Officers are able to produce reports in shorter periods of time with significantly less paperwork, resulting in a reduced administrative burden.
Resources: This initiative required the purchase of a voice dictation system at an approximate cost of $300,000. Phone lines were installed in 120 police cars at an ongoing cost of $2,400 per month. Once implemented, the system is largely self-sufficient.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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