Public Online Reporting (Synopsis)

Halton Regional Police Service

Description: In 2011, the Halton Regional Police Service introduced an online system to facilitate public online reporting, the self-reporting of certain incidents by the public without direct police involvement. The new reporting tool uses the CopLogic software. The availability of public online reporting was publicized through the media and on the Halton Regional Police Service’s website. In 2012, the police service developed an online reporting interface that connects with a records management system which will be used by police services across Canada. The police service intends to improve this service in 2013 by allowing for more in-depth and comprehensive online reporting.
Objective: The objective of public online reporting is to increase efficiencies in the police service by reducing the time spent by sworn officers on low-impact incidents that the public is willing to self-report.
Outcomes: The new reporting tool had limited uptake by the public in its first year, with only 223 online reports in 2011; however, even this small amount of online reporting resulted in a reduction in the time spent by frontline officers responding to and reporting on non-priority crimes. This allowed the officers to allocate their time more strategically. An evaluation of this initiative has not been conducted.
Resources: This initiative took eight months to implement at an approximate cost of $10,000 for hardware and software. Civilian staff members were reallocated internally to three bureaus responsible for the implementation and testing of the online reporting tool. Staff time was also spent in developing the interface into the records management system, at an estimated salary cost of $40,000.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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