Electronic Ticketing System (Synopsis)

Lévis Police Service

Description: In 2009, the Lévis Police Service piloted a program to issue and process tickets electronically. This initiative, which uses an electronic database and electronic instruments to issue tickets, was fully implemented in early 2011.
Objective: The main objectives of this initiative are to improve the efficiency of ticketing by the police service (reducing the number of errors, delays and rejected tickets) and to facilitate access to information on highway and traffic offences listed in Quebec’s Highway Safety Code.
Outcomes: An internal evaluation found that this initiative met its objectives. Officers now use the electronic process 98% of the time, virtually eliminating manual ticketing. The number of tickets issued has increased by 50% since this initiative was implemented, with no additional personnel needed. The electronic system has had additional benefits:

  • The Lévis Police Service has used the electronic database to conduct research on highway and traffic code violations.
  • Electronic ticketing has eliminated data input errors and handwritten tickets that are unreadable or difficult to read.
  • Data is transmitted more quickly to the municipal courts.
  • Citizens have benefitted from easy access to electronic payment methods.

In terms of efficiencies in human resources, this initiative has reduced administrative personnel costs, increased the number of officers available to process complaints related to tickets, and reduced the number of erroneous tickets and the need for time-consuming follow-ups.
Resources: This initiative cost approximately $200,000 for software and equipment and required about 2000 person-hours for technology development, implementation and training.
Province: Quebec
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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