Public Safety Office (Synopsis)

Halifax Regional Police

Description: Following the 2008 release of the Halifax Mayor’s Roundtable Report, "Violence and Public Safety in the Halifax Regional Municipality," the Halifax Regional Police put the Public Safety Office in place to lead a coordinated response to the recommendations.
Objective: The Public Safety Office has several objectives:
  • strengthen existing partnerships and foster new ones with the various levels of government, social agencies, educational institutions, business associations and community groups;
  • ensure a coordinated and holistic approach to the root causes of crime and enhance public safety; and
  • lead and direct a coordinated response to the Mayor’s Roundtable Report recommendations.
Outcomes: Members of the academic community are currently doing an ongoing assessment of this initiative. The Public Safety Office is meeting its objective of implementing the recommendations of the Roundtable Report through its partnerships. All recommendations are being addressed, 87% of which are complete. This initiative builds on the crime reduction strategy that has enabled the Regional Municipality of Halifax to realize a decrease in crime rates for four consecutive years.
Resources: The only cost associated with this initiative for the Halifax Regional Police is the salary for the Public Safety Officer, which is a new position.
Province: Nova Scotia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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