Safer, Stronger Communities Initiative (Synopsis)

Halifax Regional Police

Description: The Safer, Stronger Communities Initiative uses a multidisciplinary team to tackle crime and enhance community safety in public housing areas. This initiative is a coordinated response to crime prevention. It addresses the root causes of crime in public housing areas by working with community groups and municipal agencies. Partners include municipal agencies in the areas of housing, corrections and community services, as well as the Halifax Regional Police and the City of Halifax.
Objective: The goal of this initiative is to create a more effective, efficient, coordinated response to reducing crime, improving quality of life and increasing the sense of safety among residents in targeted public housing areas.
Outcomes: This initiative has reduced crime and increased the sense of security in public housing areas. After a five-year pilot in Uniacke Square, the project is being expanded to four additional public housing neighborhoods in the city. An internal evaluation of the pilot found an 18% reduction in violent crime and a 20% reduction in the neighborhood’s vacancy rate. Residents have indicated an increased sense of safety and feeling of community. This initiative is an excellent example of new models of community safety that are tailored to the needs of a given community and work with its existing resources.
Resources: Implementing this initiative did not involve any set-up or operational costs. The only resources required were limited amounts of time on the part of community groups and municipal departments coming together to provide a coordinated response to community concerns.
Province: Nova Scotia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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