Regional Integrated Intelligence Units (Synopsis)

Criminal Intelligence Service New Brunswick and Royal Canadian Mounted Police 'J' Division

Description: Regional Integrated Intelligence Units (RIIUs) are integrated intelligence-led policing units that bring together members of the law enforcement community throughout the province to share information and intelligence. RIIUs support law enforcement efforts to detect, disrupt, dismantle and prevent the formation of organized crime groups throughout the province. RIIUs also target subjects of interest throughout the province. Five RIIUs are currently operational throughout New Brunswick. They employ 33 people drawn from various partner agencies. Every police service in New Brunswick contributes a member to an integrated intelligence unit. The units have been in place since October 2009 and are expected to sunset in March 2013.
Objective: The RIIUs were put in place to ensure a unified approach to the collection, analysis and dissemination of criminal intelligence. There are several specific objectives:
  • have intelligence and operational functions report through one governing body;
  • enhance accountability for results on approved operations;
  • increase the resources assigned directly to targets that pose the most significant threat;
  • ensure that enforcement priorities are recognized using an evidence-based process, and act on those priorities in all jurisdictions within the province;
  • produce one integrated Provincial Threat Assessment (PTA) as well as a bi-annual Integrated Target Selection Process (ITSP);
  • increase the sharing of intelligence across all jurisdictions; and
  • make the intelligence function a recognized discipline in conjunction with standardized training opportunities and agreed-upon standards of operations.
Outcomes: RIIUs report twice a year on their objectives to senior provincial police executives, including the Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Safety. A formal evaluation has not been completed, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Criminal Intelligence Service New Brunswick (CISNB) consider the RIIUs to have met all their objectives.

As a result of the RIIUs, the sharing of intelligence and information is at its highest level in the history of policing in New Brunswick. Twenty-eight Provincial Threat Assessment targets and subjects of interests have been actioned since the inception of this program. RCMP major investigations against organized crime targets have grown from approximately two to four per year to 17.
Resources: Funding for five RIIUs totaled approximately $600,000 (including salaries and start-up costs) and was provided through the federal Police Officers Recruitment Fund. The officers assigned to the five units are funded through various mechanisms, including the federal Police Officers Recruitment Fund, provincial funding and voluntary assignments. For example, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a voluntary partner and contributes three of the enforcement officers at no cost. All police services contribute time in addition to the officers assigned to the units.
Province: New Brunswick
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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