Inuit Perceptions (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - "V" Division

Description: Inuit Perceptions is a one-day cultural awareness seminar that orients Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers to the unique perspectives of Inuit culture. Supported by "V" Division, each seminar is presented by an Inuit member of the community, who uses props, videos and practical discussions to orient members to Inuit culture, customs and beliefs. Participants will be better able to adapt to the local culture, communicate with residents and integrate into the community. They will also gain an understanding of the social context of remote/isolated communities and the historical issues associated with police–community relations in the North.

The RCMP originally developed the program in 2004 and updated the content in 2011. Its components include an initial evaluation tool, a full-day training presentation and an introductory film. Inuit and community organizations contribute to the program and participate in the training sessions. The RCMP plans to develop an interactive module accessible online through the RCMP Intranet.
Objective: Inuit Perceptions aims to educate and sensitize RCMP members, many of whom have had limited exposure to Nunavut, to the territory's people and the Inuit perspective, in order to advance police–community relations and overcome communication barriers.
Outcomes: Course evaluations and follow up have been completed.
Resources: Information on the resources required for this project is unavailable.
Province: Nunavut
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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