Surrey Detachment Online Reporting Project (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'E' Division

Description: The Surrey Detachment Online Reporting Project was initiated as a pilot project in January 2014 to determine the value and effectiveness of online software for crime reporting by the public. The project aims to enhance customer service, increase data capture, reduce workload and allow for more efficient use of police resources. The online system is accessible to persons with disabilities and allows clients to use languages other than English to report crimes. The project supports Royal Canadian Mounted Police strategic priorities, reform and change management initiatives. It also has particular value in supporting the City of Surrey’s Crime Reduction Strategy and intelligence-led policing efforts.
Objective: The Surrey Detachment Online Reporting Project has several objectives:
  • reduce crime and increase community safety;
  • increase public involvement in reducing crime;
  • increase integration among all stakeholders involved in crime reduction; and
  • increase public awareness and vigilance regarding crime.
Outcomes: The pilot program is currently underway and has not yet been evaluated. Anticipated benefits include cost reduction, reduced workload, increased data capture, improved rates and timeliness of crime reporting, greater convenience for the public, and an improved ability to serve a diverse clientele (in particular, persons with disabilities and clients whose primary language is not English).
Resources: Planning for this pilot began in 2006, with considerable time and effort committed by many individuals.
Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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