'E' Division Headquarters Relocation and Efficiency Review (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Description: In January 2013, Royal Canadian Mounted Police ‘E’ Division consolidated approximately 2700 employees from 25 separate locations throughout metro Vancouver, relocating them to one site in Surrey, British Columbia. As part of this relocation project, each unit involved in the move underwent an efficiency review exercise to streamline its service delivery model. The project was implemented in phases based on each unit’s move date into the new headquarters facility. Two key aspects of the review were shift scheduling and vehicle fleet planning. Shifts are now scheduled to reflect the volume of calls for service. Administrative and operational use of vehicles is limited and pooled, for greater efficiency. The efficiency review involved extensive consultation with employees through face-to-face meetings and internal messaging.
Objective: The geographically dispersed units were combined to eliminate fiscal and human resource redundancies, reduce costs, improve information sharing and enhance operations and service delivery. The efficiency review was done to streamline operating costs and realize economies of scale and service delivery efficiencies.
Outcomes: Combining geographically dispersed units has eliminated resource redundancies; allowed for the pooling of police vehicles; reduced employee travel time and cost; reduced building upgrade and operating costs; and centralized administrative services. These changes have contributed to financial savings, demonstrating an efficient and accountable police service. The efficiency review helped to reduce the fleet of unmarked police vehicles and adjusted shift schedules, resulting in significant savings.
Resources: In-house staff expended time and effort to research, prepare and review business cases and implement policy changes.
Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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