Creation of Department of Public Safety (Synopsis)

Fredericton Police Force / City of Fredericton

Description: The City of Fredericton implemented a new organizational structure in 2012, which included the creation of a new Department of Public Safety. This umbrella department houses the Fredericton Police Force, the Fredericton Fire Department, By-Law Enforcement and the Emergency Measures Organization. Being housed within the same department allows the member organizations to share resources, increasing efficiency and effectiveness and creating capacity for strategic efforts that had previously been set aside in favour of day-to-day operations.
Objective: The City of Fredericton restructured its operations in order to improve service delivery to citizens. The new departmental structure will help achieve efficiencies, accelerate innovation and improve collaboration between divisions.
Outcomes: The new Department of Public Safety has helped to break down silos and increase efficiency, allowing member organizations to share best practices and providing greater consistency to labour negotiations.
Resources: The restructuring, including the creation of the Department of Public Safety, was covered within the 2013 municipal budget.
Province: New Brunswick
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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