Fredericton Police Force Improvement & Innovation Initiatives (Synopsis)

Fredericton Police Force

Description: As part of the City of Fredericton’s Improvement and Innovation (I&I) process, the Fredericton Police Force (FPF) has embraced Lean Six Sigma, a managerial approach that eliminates waste and increases efficiency. The police force has dedicated a staff sergeant to the process on a two-year secondment, as well as a constable on a part-time basis.

The police force has undertaken initiatives in crime reporting, crime mapping, the booking process, and the collection, analysis and reporting of business information. Waste Walks—activities when project team members walk through a work area or look at a process that is being considered for improvement and identify waste (non-value-added activities) and solutions—have been completed to reduce court overtime, streamline processes for Department of Social Development requests and criminal record checks, and increase efficiency related to the Department of Public Safety. Waste Walks are ongoing for Department of Public Safety storing, purchasing and building coordination.
Objective: The City of Fredericton aims to achieve improvement and innovation, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. A key corporate goal was to find $1.5 million in sustained savings in 2013.
Outcomes: Each I&I initiative has a different outcome, with a focus on finding efficiencies. The efficiencies and savings produced by each initiative are scrutinized by the municipal Finance Department and the I&I Steering Committee.
Resources: I&I projects, including training and technology costs, are funded by the City of Fredericton. The FPF provides resources and time to the initiative, including secondments.
Province: New Brunswick
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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