Fredericton Police Force / St. Mary's First Nation Partnership (Synopsis)

Fredericton Police Force

Description: St. Mary’s First Nation, located within the city of Fredericton, has been served by the Fredericton Police Force (FPF) for over 30 years through a contemporary community policing model. In 2000, to ensure that all citizens of the city of Fredericton receive the same level of service, the FPF struck a quadripartite agreement with St. Mary’s First Nation, the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick.

The FPF has assigned two officers to St. Mary’s First Nation on a full-time basis. They have an office in the band hall, maintain a marked police cruiser presence and do foot patrols. Officers have been involved in a number of community events and initiatives and the police force works closely with the Fredericton Native Friendship Centre. Other key programs and activities that are located in St. Mary’s First Nation include traffic enforcement and education, criminal/drug enforcement and education, problem solving and crime reduction.
Objective: The FPF strives to provide St. Mary’s First Nation with increased officer visibility; involvement and participation in community events; traffic enforcement; and criminal and drug enforcement and education.
Outcomes: The good relationship between the FPF and St. Mary's First Nation has strengthened over the past several years, and officers now work with community members on a daily basis. The community has access to all the services provided to the municipality as a whole, and the quality of service is consistent with policing practices throughout the city. The program is continually adapting to community needs, as identified through quarterly meetings between St. Mary’s First Nation and the FPF.
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Province: New Brunswick
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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