North East Nova Crime Reduction Strategy (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'H' Division—North East Nova District

Description: The North East Nova Crime Reduction Strategy uses intelligence-led policing to reduce crime in the North East Nova District. Civilian criminal intelligence analysts pull information from police records to generate intelligence. Frontline agencies and officers then use this information to plan tactical action. The strategy features three main initiatives:
  • The prolific offender initiative disrupts the criminal activity of known offenders.
  • The “calls for service” initiative identifies high-frequency call locations or individuals and analyzes and addresses the underlying issues.
  • The initiative to identify vehicles and drivers with a demonstrated history of driving offences (up to and including impaired driving) allows for more efficient deployment of police resources toward targeted monitoring.

Launched in 2011 in a limited scope, the North East Nova Crime Reduction Strategy has since expanded to cover much more of the district. ‘H’ Division shares information with municipal police agencies and other Royal Canadian Mounted Police units in the district.
Objective: The overall objective is to reduce crime measurably. The prolific offender initiative aims to reduce the rate of property crime occurrences. The "calls for service" initiative aims to reduce the number of calls for service. The initiative to identify problem drivers ensures that individuals with a record of driving offences are appropriately monitored, in the interest of both public safety and crime reduction.
Outcomes: The prolific offender initiative has contributed to a measurable reduction in property crime in general and a significant reduction in criminal activity by individuals identified as prolific offenders. The "calls for service" initiative has helped to reduce calls in certain geographic areas.
Resources: Setting up the strategy was cost-neutral. ‘H’ Division redeployed existing resources to create two crime analyst positions and pay for appropriate hardware, software and training.
Province: Nova Scotia
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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