Halifax Regional Municipality Crime Reduction Strategy (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'H' Division—Halifax District

Description: Launched in 2007 by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) ‘H’ Division, the Halifax Regional Municipality Crime Reduction Strategy uses evidence-based analysis to focus and maximize the use of resources and technology. The strategy targets prolific offenders and uses Comstat, a computer statistics tool, to map out crime hot spots. Both crime and offenders are mapped, to show the proximity of offenders to other crime occurring in the community.

Initially implemented on a small scale, the initiative has grown to include representation from all units, as well as external partners such as the Halifax Regional Police and the provincial Department of Justice. The next stage of the strategy will involve a pre-criminal, individualized intervention model with shared responsibility amongst the partners and the community.
Objective: The initiative was undertaken to maximize the use of resources and time, create a smarter policing environment and reduce crime in the community.
Outcomes: Over 36 months, the district has shown a 27% reduction in property-related crimes and a 13% reduction in other crimes (e.g., crimes against individuals). As a result of the initiative, the RCMP’s “H” Division and Halifax District Police have become more proactive, evidence-based, intelligence-led and data-driven. Its targeted, focused approach to crime reduction has resulted in significant reductions in crime and fewer calls for service.
Resources: Initial set-up costs included the acquisition of mapping software, and subsequent training. The total cost was approximately $10,000.
Province: Nova Scotia
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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