Community Safety Model (Synopsis)

Peel Regional Police

Description: The Peel Regional Police Community Safety Model, in development since 2006, became fully operational in January 2014. The police service works collaboratively with community partners and key stakeholders to address situations involving acutely elevated risk, by strategically aligning individuals with appropriate agencies and resources. This is a unified, multi-sectoral approach to dealing with high-risk situations more effectively and efficiently. The police service works with community partners to apply best practices learned through its membership in the Ontario Working Group on Collaborative, Risk-Driven Community Safety.
Objective: The objectives of the Community Safety Model are to reduce the risk factors that negatively affect community members and to improve community safety and wellness.
Outcomes: The initiative became fully operational in January 2014. Information on results and benefits will not be available for at least one year. By connecting people with the agencies and resources they require in the most timely and efficient manner possible, the initiative aims to mitigate the risk factors that may lead to anti-social and violent behaviour, ultimately increasing community safety and wellness.
Resources: The total cost of the initiative is an estimated $485,838 annually. The initiative requires two constables, one sergeant and one vehicle, at an estimated annual cost of $385,838. Other costs amount to approximately $100,000 and include a consultant, IT evaluation costs, overtime, the development of social-return-on-investment strategies, training, and participation in the Ontario Working Group on Collaborative, Risk-Driven Community Safety.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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