TeleStaff Schedule (Synopsis)

York Regional Police

Description: To improve work force planning and scheduling processes, the York Regional Police will implement the TeleStaff schedule system, a single-point system for the scheduling of officers, civilians and auxiliary officers. The new system will be implemented in three phases in 2014, replacing the current E-scheduling system and reducing or eliminating the use of Excel spreadsheets and manual scheduling processes.
Objective: The TeleStaff schedule system was designed with the following objectives:
  • eliminate the duplication of efforts and the need to look at different systems or screens when entering and maintaining schedules;
  • ensure that adequate staffing levels are met for each unit and shift;
  • enable real-time schedule information for all units; and
  • utilize police resources more efficiently.
Outcomes: The new system will reduce administrative time by the equivalent of seven full-time staff, enhance functionality and be accessible from home.
Resources: The TeleStaff Schedule system involves a set-up cost of $450,000, support and maintenance costs of $51,000 and staff time.
Province: Ontario
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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