Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (Synopsis)

Edmonton Police Service

Description: Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (N.E.T.) initiative has evolved over time. Launched as a partnership between the City of Edmonton Community Services, Edmonton Police Service, The Family Centre and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, it deploys teams in five Edmonton neighbourhoods over two to four years to offer a mix of social, policing and youth services to the community. The teams use a root cause analysis framework, which focuses on the roots of crime, to drive operations and projects.

A typical N.E.T. team is made up of a City of Edmonton community capacity builder, an Edmonton Police Service constable and a youth liaison from The Family Centre. The team works with residents, businesses and organizations to build sustainable solutions to crime and disorder. A strong component of skill-transference to the community has been added to make efforts more sustainable.
Objective: The guiding objectives of the N.E.T. initiative are to reduce crime and disorder in targeted neighbourhoods, to integrate innovative approaches and to provide a multidisciplinary response.
Outcomes: The initiative’s expected outcomes were realized: crime and disorder have diminished in targeted neighbourhoods and communities have taken strong ownership of crime prevention. N.E.T.’s delivery evolves continuously, as dictated by community-specific issues and readiness.

A quantitative and qualitative evaluation was conducted and key recommendations included updating the communications plan, establishing and using consistent metrics among all partner groups, and setting up a N.E.T. transitional team for when N.E.T. leaves a community.
Resources: The four partners resource and staff the N.E.T. teams. They are also covering the cost of the initial concept assessment for the root cause analysis tool. The cost of a N.E.T. team is approximately $250,000.
Province: Alberta
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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