Neighbourhood Action Team (Synopsis)

Fredericton Police Force

Description: The Fredericton Police Force’s five-year plan (created in 2006) identified the need to restructure its approach to community policing. On that basis, and after further studies by internal and external consultants, the 2007 budget process introduced a new community-focused policing model. This model included the newly formed Neighbourhood Action Team, implemented in May 2008.

The Neighbourhood Action Team includes a large group of officers from previously fragmented work groups. Team members focus their efforts in a strategic and coordinated manner to address a variety of neighbourhood issues. The team is made up of civilian employees, volunteers, uniformed officers, community crime plain-clothes officers, school resource officers, crime prevention officers and St. Mary’s First Nation officers. Team members report to the Team Leader Staff Sergeant. Since its introduction, the Neighbourhood Action Team has expanded to include a youth at risk coordinator, the Traffic Unit, the Intelligence Officer and a part-time crime analyst.
Objective: The Neighbourhood Action Team’s objective is to enhance the existing police service delivery model in Fredericton. The Neighbourhood Action Team’s philosophy states, “the Fredericton Police commits to working with others to address current and evolving public safety needs by engaging its members and partners through ongoing communication, education and evaluation.”
Outcomes: An evaluation of the Neighbourhood Action Team is underway and is expected to find that the initiative has met its objectives successfully and continues to evolve and change to meet the public safety needs of the citizens of Fredericton. One key outcome of the Neighbourhood Action Team is the design and implementation of the Fredericton Police Force’s Crime Reduction Strategy. The strategy seeks to increase community safety through a substantial, measurable reduction in crime. It also aims to foster strategic partnerships and increase public awareness, confidence and involvement.
Resources: The resources required to establish the Neighbourhood Action Team included the cost of space and set-up for two offices as well as the cost of an external consultant.
Province: New Brunswick
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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