"Vulnérable" Web Documentary (Synopsis)

École nationale de police du Québec

Description: To better equip Quebec police and public safety workers to intervene with individuals showing mental health problems, the École nationale de police du Québec (Quebec national police school) created a web documentary that presents useful, effective and safe forms of communication and strategies for intervention to resolve crisis situations. "Vulnérable: Intervention policière auprès d'une personne en crise" ("Vulnerable: Police Intervention Involving an Individual in Crisis") is composed of nine sections, totaling around five hours of content. Each section deals with a specific type of police intervention and includes a main video and a subsection titled "Pour en savoir +" (“To know more”). In total, more than 60 videos present additional, specific or more focused information on the themes addressed.
Objective: The objective of the “Vulnérable” Web Documentary is to assist training partners in better equipping police officers and public safety workers to deal with individuals in crisis and/or showing mental instability.
Outcomes: The “Vulnérable” Web Documentary is currently being distributed to police services in Quebec. Some police training programs have integrated parts of the “Vulnérable” Web Documentary into their curricula. Feedback from police services and college (CEGEP) teachers has been excellent.
Resources: The initiative had a budget of approximately $150,000.
Province: Quebec
Record Entry Date: 2015-03-01
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