Partnering for Safer Communities (Synopsis)

New Brunswick Department of Public Safety

Description: The Partnering for Safer Communities initiative is a series of two-day training workshops held throughout New Brunswick. Workshop participants are drawn from many different sectors and groups. The workshops focus on evidence-based solutions for contemporary community policing and crime prevention and reduction.

The goal is to improve the understanding, effectiveness and consistent application of contemporary community policing in the province. The workshops were developed with the view that strategic partnerships lead to more effective crime prevention and reduction. Between 10 and 16 workshops are planned from February 2012 to March 2014. Each workshop is co-facilitated by trained representatives from the community, police service within the province and the provincial Department of Public Safety.
Objective: This initiative has several objectives:
  • bring together police and community members to learn about the causes of crime and effective strategies to prevent and reduce crime;
  • equip police and community representatives with practical skills and tools to address crime and public safety issues in their communities; and
  • provide opportunities to network and form community safety partnerships.
Outcomes: Workshops held to date have been successful in meeting the objectives. Workshops have been adjusted for content and delivery based on participant and facilitator feedback. A full evaluation of the program has not been completed; however, workshop participants and the policing community have given positive feedback.
Resources: The total cost for the three-year project (including curriculum development, pilot, train-the-trainer session and 16 workshops) was approximately $124,000.
Province: New Brunswick
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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