BC Policing and Community Safety Plan (Synopsis)

BC Ministry of Justice

Description: The British Columbia Ministry of Justice’s BC Policing and Community Safety Plan (BCPCSP) seeks to set the direction, strategic framework, performance expectations and accountability mechanisms for policing so it can meet demands now and into the future. A unique feature of the BCPCSP is the level of consultation and stakeholder engagement in the development process:
  • A series of regional roundtables was held with key stakeholders, including police representatives, local governments, First Nations representatives, community leaders and social services organizations.
  • An interactive website was developed for public consultation and feedback.
  • Focus group meetings were held to discuss key issues that emerged from the roundtable sessions, and to develop strategies to address these issues. Focus groups included: gangs and guns, police funding, multi-agency collaboration and integration of services, crime prevention, mental health, continuum of law enforcement, performance management of policing, community engagement, First Nations with a tripartite agreement, and the RCMP Contract Management Committee.
  • A telephone survey of public perceptions of the police was conducted.
Objective: This initiative is part of the provincial Ministry of Justice’s effort to modernize the justice sector and increase transparency and responsiveness to British Columbians. The strategic planning process has the following objectives:
  • develop goals, targets and performance measures for policing and crime prevention in British Columbia for the next three, five and 10 years; and
  • ensure public engagement and stakeholder participation, develop strategies and solutions based on community needs, and build public support for the BCPCSP.
Outcomes: Drafting of the BCPCSP is almost complete. The draft BCPCSP will be posted on the BCPCSP website for consultation and feedback. Input received will be incorporated into the final plan.
Resources: Costs associated with the project are currently estimated at $500,000. This includes the cost of roundtables, the website, the telephone survey, production, focus groups, procurement support, additional temporary staff and a contingency fund.
Province: British Columbia
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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