Provincial Collision Reporting Centre (Synopsis)

Charlottetown Police Services

Description: In 2012, Charlottetown Police Services put forward a proposal for the Province of Prince Edward Island to contract collision reporting to a private company. Other police services across Canada, most notably in Ontario, have already taken this step. Collision reporting does not require police-specific skills, and contracting it out reduces the burden on police officers.

Charlottetown Police Services would work with the provincial government and other police services to implement the proposed Provincial Collision Reporting Centre, which would provide a single reporting window for all of Prince Edward Island for collisions causing property damage. This would free up police resources previously allocated to collision reporting and allow police to redirect these resources to other priority issues. This initiative has not moved beyond the proposal stage, and no timelines have been established. If the initiative is implemented, the benefit will be felt across all police agencies in the province.
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Province: Prince Edward Island
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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