Incident Report Centre (Synopsis)

Service de police de la Ville de Montréal

Description: In 2008, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) introduced the Incident Report Centre, a call centre for incident reporting. Since 2012, for certain offences where there is no suspect at the scene or need for arrest, instead of visiting police stations to file incident reports, Montreal citizens can use the Incident Report Centre to file reports by phone. Citizens are called back by one of 10 police officers assigned to the Incident Report Centre. The centre is staffed by civilians and officers on temporary or permanent medical restrictions, freeing up officers in community policing centres to respond to other policing matters.
Objective: This initiative aims to reduce unnecessary travel time and wait time for citizens by allowing them to file incident reports by telephone. It also aims to free up police officers’ time in community policing centres, allowing them to respond to more urgent calls. Another objective is to allow police officers with medical restrictions to continue performing police work.
Outcomes: According to an internal evaluation, approximately 15,000 incident reports are filed by telephone every year. This initiative has achieved efficiencies, improved customer service and optimized the use of policing resources. Citizens are very satisfied with the service, and dispatchers have noted greater availability of patrol cars to respond to urgent calls.
Resources: The resources required to implement this initiative included building management services, installation and user support for telephones and computer equipment, and the human resources required to hire and train civilian personnel. Detailed information on costs is not currently available.
Province: Quebec
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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