Group to Combat Emerging Crime Phenomena (Synopsis)

Repentigny Police Service

Description: In 2007, as a pilot project, the Repentigny Police Service created a group within the police service to focus on emerging criminal groups and new crime phenomena. The group meets on an occasional basis. It was formed in response to the presence of criminal operations from Montreal and Laval in Repentigny.
Objective: The Repentigny Police Service seeks to increase police presence and establish trusting relationships and information exchange with bar owners and youth in areas where gangs are more prevalent. The goal is to gain knowledge and develop expertise regarding new crime phenomena.
Outcomes: This initiative has resulted in a better knowledge and control of new crime phenomena.
Resources: The Repentigny Police Service has assigned seven officers to this group. No new positions were created, as group members are drawn from existing personnel. Costs for equipment and overtime for this group are approximately $68,360 per year.
Province: Quebec
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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