Police Officer Assigned to Seniors (Synopsis)

Repentigny Police Service

Description: The Repentigny Police Service has witnessed an increase in incidents involving senior citizens. In 2009–10, there was a 30% increase in cases involving seniors. In response to this trend, the Repentigny Police Service assigned an officer to deal with senior members of the community and address related crime prevention issues.
Objective: The objectives of this initiative are to develop closer links with senior members of the community and to prevent senior abuse (an issue that has become increasingly prevalent).
Outcomes: Preliminary results from an internal evaluation show that the officer assigned to seniors is now well known in the seniors’ community and is a resource for both police and seniors. There have been 17 disclosures of abuse cases involving seniors since the officer was assigned to this role. A closer link between seniors and police has been established.
Resources: An officer from within the police service was assigned to this initiative.
Province: Quebec
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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