Transcription Unit (Synopsis)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police—'F' Division

Description: Units and detachments often do not have sufficient support staff in place to transcribe the large number of statements required for investigations, disclosure and court. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) ‘F’ Division established a Transcription Unit to transcribe audio and video police investigation statements quickly and accurately. The most common items in need of transcription are interviews and statements from witnesses, victims and accused persons involved in ongoing police investigations and Criminal Code prosecutions. The unit also transcribes recordings of performance meetings, 911 calls, Operational Communication Centre calls, videos of crime scene re-enactments and videos of the arrest and transport of accused persons.

This unit was established in 2000 and is made up of a manager, nine full-time transcribers and seven casual transcribers. The unit is equipped with three different transcription software programs that play recordings in different formats.
Objective: The objective of this unit is to prepare transcripts accurately and professionally within the timelines required by investigations and courts, using standardized formats and rules as set by the unit in consultation with the Criminal Operations section.
Outcomes: The Transcription Unit alleviates administrative pressures on units and detachments, resulting in reduced overtime for support staff. The unit ensures that all transcripts are prepared to the same standards of accuracy, timeliness and quality. The unit’s productivity and statistics are reviewed on a yearly basis and the results are provided to Criminal Operations.
Resources: Office space for this unit has been provided in the RCMP building in Saskatoon. Costs to the division included the purchase of equipment and furniture (approximately $5,000) and salary costs for a manager and nine full-time transcribers (total salary costs are under $430,000 annually).
Province: Saskatchewan
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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