Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime (Synopsis)

Ministry of Justice—Corrections and Policing—Community Safety Division

Description: In 2012, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice implemented a strategy called Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime (BPRC). The strategy encourages police, government officials and community-based organizations to collaborate and find local solutions to crime and victimization. Community safety and crime reduction efforts are owned and led by the community. They build on community strengths and are supported by local and provincial leadership.

The initiative is overseen by eight of Saskatchewan’s largest police services as well as a number of provincial ministries. The Enterprise Working Group made up of senior officials from these organizations, supports the activities and tasks of strategic subcommittees.

At the local level, municipal leaders, band council leaders, community-based organizations, community members and the private sector all actively participate in the strategy. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice has also struck academic research partnerships with both the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina to research, evaluate and enhance the strategy.
Objective: Issues facing children, youth and families at risk are interconnected and common across different ministries, agencies and mandates. The overall goal of BPRC is to reduce crime in Saskatchewan through a risk-driven approach to crime reduction that focuses on partnerships. All parts of the justice system and the social services system contribute in cooperative ways to reduce crime. The overall goal is to reduce victimization and improve community safety outcomes.
Outcomes: Saskatchewan has received national attention for the BPRC model. Communities across the province are at various stages of readiness to move forward with local initiatives that are aligned with BPRC. One successful initiative that exemplifies the BPRC approach is Community Mobilization Prince Albert, or the “Hub” (also included in this catalogue). As of October 2012, eight "Hub" initiatives were in different stages of development and implementation. An evaluation framework for BPRC is currently under development and the evaluation will be implemented in early 2013/14.
Resources: A contractor was hired to facilitate the Enterprise Working Group consultation process and support subcommittee development, tasks and activities over a period of 24 months. Senior management of participating ministries and police services made in-kind contributions to the Enterprise Working Group consultation process. Two full-time-equivalent staff positions were created in April 2012 to support the BPRC Secretariat and do community engagement and mobilization. The Ministry of Justice currently funds these positions. Funding will be provided by partner ministries in the future.
Province: Saskatchewan
Record Entry Date: 2013-08-01
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